Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why so long between posts?

The hard part of writing is the part where you write.

The premise of criticritic is entertaining to me personally. This site exists because I wanted such a site to exist. Looking around the world of professional media criticism, there is such an abundance of material that needs commentary, it seemed to be irresistible.

However, it turns out that it's a bit of a drudge to plod through the mediocre work of professional critics. I have essentially cast myself in the role of professor to a classroom of criticism students, but these students don't write for ME. Instead, they write for some high-school newspaper which I, the professor, don't care for. Sadly, many of the critics whose work I comment on are writing exactly the kind of material that their audiences want to read.

So, given the market-oriented nature of their writing, it may not be the critics I disapprove of as much as the audiences who consume their material.

When I realized this, the purpose of the blog became lost to me.

I do have much to comment on. I recognize that I had an audience started that saw the humor in what I was doing. I'm the dancing monkey, and you want me to keep dancing.

So, I will. You will be asked to pay for the monkey dance in two ways:

1) You will have to put up with preachy social commentary between entertaining bouts of kicking Roger Ebert in the teeth.

2) You will be asked to buy an effing t-shirt. When this happens, buy it.

T-shirt ideas are welcome.

Your act of reading this post indicates that you surrender all of the contents of your mind plus all worldly possessions to However, we license you to continue to have the illusions of independent life and thought for the length of time between this post and the next one. Obey my will, and have a nice day!

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